• Do you have a virus Not sure, learn about virus symptoms and find out

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    May 9, 2021 /  Virus and Disease

    Owning a computer requires you to be responsible in maintaining the health of your system and its performance. The most common problem that a computer usually faces is the computer -virus-.

    What is a computer virus? It is either a small bit of code, or a whole software package that spreads through your system and causes unexpected, and unwanted behavior. Viruses tend to be malicious in nature. For example, a virus could delete files on your hard drive, it could spread via your email, and it might steal your credit card information. The least of problems a virus can cause is endless.

    This impact of getting a virus can be nothing to very huge, and thus we need to prevent viruses by using virus software, but if one slips past our antivirus software – how do we know?

    Now do you have a virus? Well here is a list of some symptoms that might indicate you do:

    -Your computer runs slow compared to its natural run time when it comes to loading anything. For example, downloads take longer, programs take three times as long to load.

    -The computer restarts by itself; or takes a lot longer to startup

    – The antivirus system of your computer sounds an alarm aka a pop-up comes up saying you have a virus

    -New icons or programs appear on your desktop without your knowledge

    -You will notice unusual pop-up messages

    -When you open your save files, it gives you notice or a note telling you that the file that you are opening was not able to open due to some serious reasons.

    -You cannot open browsers immediately; there will be notice or notes telling you that your computer is in risk.

    – Applications that run stop responding often. Therefore, even if you get remove and install the program again, the problem happens still.

    – The computer will not start at all anymore.

    -Registry errors pop-up when using programs. Furthermore, a software application that is good at checking for errors is.

    It can be hard to determine if you have a virus or not, if you are unsure then run your antivirus scan, if it does not find anything then consult a technical support professional.

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